Washington Cochlear Implant Family Camp
June 13, 2014 - June 15, 2014

Welcome C.I. Families!!

Camp is For:            All Adults and Children with Cochlear Implant(s) and their Families

Where:                    YMCA Lake Wenatchee, Washington

Thank you so much Tim and YMCA Lake Wenatchee for agreeing to host this event.  Registration packets are on the above registration pulldown.  Please fill out the registration packet and send it in to YMCA Wenatchee.  This is the first year of camp so please be patient and understanding.  It will be a simple family camp this year but it also will be a fun enviroment for the families to get together and make new memories.

Our families are very spread out.  We have all chosen the location, education environment, and communication mode that are the best fit for our individual families.   This family camp is about all of our families that are all over the Pacific Northwest coming together for a weekend and having the opportunity to meet new families and see old friends.  This camp is not set up based on what communication mode your family uses.   This is an opportunity for our families to meet new friends and families in a fun environment.

Thank you everyone and see you at camp!!!

Blessings ~ Tami